High Efficiency Condensing Furnaces

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High Efficiency, Variable Speed, 2 Phase, Furnaces

With the winter around the corner, you’d like to think about alternatives to help keep your house toasty and cosy. Most individuals will get extra blankets to cover themselves up to hide from the cold weather but this is still not too efficient. To get a furnace is a very good option to have a look at. You get two kinds of furnaces, a standard furnace plus a two stage furnace. A two stage furnace is more efficient when compared to a standard furnace. Here is everything that you simply need to know in regards to a two stage furnace.

Just what is a two stage furnace?

A two stage furnace has two levels of heat output signal. A top output signal for cold winter day plus a low for the mild cold days. A two stage furnace runs for longer intervals and will spread the heat even around the home. A two stage furnace is a little more pricey than the usual standard furnace however you can pay it off faster because it’s more efficient.


How efficient is a two stage furnace?

A two stage furnace is a lot better when compared to a standard furnace. A regular furnace has only one setting and that’s a fully open position. The two stage furnace saves energy as it will not burn as much fuel. When it’s fairly cold say for example between 40 and 50 degrees, the furnace will run in a partially open position and it’s going to use only 60% of energy on a single stage counterpart. The furnace saves gas as it will not dump a lot of fuel into the heat exchanger when it is only relatively cold. As an example, for early morning cold temperatures, the furnace will switch up to the high stage, to heat the home faster. As the heat is evenly dispersed along with the home gets warmer the furnace will switch down to some lowered warming setting. This will use less energy. The electronic controls of the burner will communicate with thermostat throughout the day to run at a lower stage to keep the ideal temperature in the house.


Does it have variable speed blowers?

Yes, it does. The high efficiency two stage furnace has a variable speed blower. When started up it’ll blow a higher volume of heat through the home to ensure it is warm and comfy. When it reaches the temperature it must be, it’s going to shut down to some lower speed that will regulate the heat in the house within a level or two of the thermostat. The furnace will also have filters that may trap dust and particles which mean that you will breath cleaner air in your own house and allergies will probably be less.

It’s certainly recommended to get a two stage high energy efficiency furnace at home for the wintertime. It will make everyone feel more comfortable and you will not sense the touch of the winter that much. You will be able to relax with your family before the television and watch your favorite films without feeling depressed with all of the blankets on one to keep the cold away. Speak to a manufacturer or seller of furnaces to hear exactly what the top option will be for you personally. It’s pricey but you will get value for the money.

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