Lower Back Pain and Treatment for the Elderly

Some might think that the elderly, are less likely to receive quality health care, and a recent study suggested that the quality treatment of low back pain in primary care dropped the older the patient was.
Lower back pain holds the highest complaint rate overall. The point focus of the current review was to determine the base evidence for calculation treatment of lower back pain in the elderly, specifically, to find out if randomized and controlled trials conducted provided information on the effectiveness of two common non-pharmacological treatments, manual therapy and physical health and fitness activity such as exercise.

Data was examined from trials on the management of lower back pain and how they were determined based on whether the trials:
1. Had upper age restrictions
2. Their justification
3. whether any age-specific analyses had been conducted


lower back pain in elderly women

     The survey conducted included 20 studies of manual therapy and 70 studies of physical health and fitness activity and exercise. Many studies had an upper age limit of men and women 60 years old. Half of the group were treated via manual therapy, half the group with physical activity or exercise. Only a few of the studies of manual therapy studies provided an age specific analysis.

Upper age limits in back pain trials of manual therapy and physical exercise are common but a justification for these is rarely given. Almost no studies have reported whether effectiveness differs by age.

It may be evident that as one gets older, the care may decrease and the patient slowly written off as ‘getting old’ and prescribed pain medication or an anti inflammatory, rather than or not at all, being encouraged to participate in any form of exercise or physical activity.

If you’re a senior or elderly man or women and have some history of lower back pain, check up with your family doctor, before you start any exercise program as it may have an adverse affect on your condition. Upper body exercises and especially stretching exercises are important for overall back health. Stretching and especially walking are also beneficial to getting things started.


lower back men in elderly men


There may also be spinal issues and you may want to see a chiropractor. Ask around, some of your friends may know one that they use and have gotten good results. A combination of exercise, diet, mental and emotional health are all factor which can have an impact on your body as a whole.

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